Fashion Illustration F/W 2020 collection

Draw A Dot x Seungwon Hong​​​​​​​ 
Words by Mr Marcus Kan, Founder of  Draw A Dot.
I am a big fan of Seungwon Hong‘s works so I am happy that I can work on this special collaboration with him! Seungwon is very good at illustrating menswear so we have decided to pick 3 of our favorite F/W 2020 collections for this project. The artist’s digital impressionism style is simply breathtaking it adds a very romantic and classy vibe to these looks.
© Seungwon Hong 2020
Ralph Lauren F/W 2020 collection
For the first piece, we have this look from Ralph Lauren F/W 2020 collection!
This artwork looks very elegant and timeless! I love everything about it!
Stay tuned to see the next piece! 
Prada F/W  2020 collection
 This Prada F/W 2020 show reminded Seungwon Hong of  Mark Rothko ‘s art works 
so he has incorporated this element to this illustration! I really like the combination! So cool!
Louis Vuitton F/W 2020 collection
The last piece from this collaboration with Seungwon Hong is this Louis Vuitton F/W 2020 illustration. 
The artist is inspired by the Van Gogh’s paintings and I just love how surreal this piece is! Simply beautiful! 


  • Marvelous!

  • amazing work !


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